My investment HYIP programs that pay at the moment

Investment HYIP programs and affiliate systems currently paid

These are the investment HYIP programs that currently pay . With I am work and receiving income every time I ask a withdrawal of my balance.

Forex Paradise

I think that is one of the most reliable at the moment, especially for the time they have assets, more than 700 days.

Withdrawls I have done was done almost instantly.

Forex Paradise LTD

Poker Automatics

I also made the first withdrawal without problems , it has been only in Bitcoins and was part of what I earned through referrals. It takes a little more but give a period of up to 24 hours and occurred before . Also with Forex Paradise it is one of those for me are more reliable for all the security they offer and give all the information about their activity, their ways.

Poker Automatics


This is perhaps the best outcome in terms of returns on my investment has given me. I entered $ 10 and have already withdrawn $ 22 in just four days . Thanks also to your affiliate program . The good thing is that I have not had any problems to withdraw money several times . More than 200% and still have two days to generate profits with my investment.

I have known that an affiliate has had problems trying to remove a large amount , and after contact with an odd excuse, that the CEO is on vacation and were not allowed to pass higher withdrawals , if you have sent other retreats more smaller than asked.

Forex King

It is one of my investment HYIP programs that I am working and they work very well, either you need a lot to the first investment and offer good commission . But as I have already I said that the best thing is not to look but pay high commissions.

Foreign Assets

In Foreign Assets you can invest from as little as $ 1 and win a 20 % at 30 days. The benefits are charged 1 time per day on your balance and can be removed without problems. By the time all the operations I have done have worked and withdrawals are fast.



Obofunds has not appealing truth page but the interesting thing is that pays 4% diary of what you invest , that at least , if you enter more, we will raise this percentage, we begin with a dollar and the basic plan 1 is one day. That is, every day can divest and gains or reinvest what you want , after a couple of weeks we have removed the dollar and 60 cents and $ 5 more have entered to continue rising. In 25 days you recover investment and you can still make money with the investment. If you reinvest it takes less to recover cattle.