My investment HYIP programs that pay at the moment

Investment HYIP programs and affiliate systems currently paid

These are the investment HYIP programs that currently pay . With I am work and receiving income every time I ask a withdrawal of my balance.

Forex Paradise

I think that is one of the most reliable at the moment, especially for the time they have assets, more than 700 days.

Withdrawls I have done was done almost instantly.

Forex Paradise LTD

Forex King

It is one of my investment HYIP programs that I am working and they work very well, either you need a lot to the first investment and offer good commission . But as I have already I said that the best thing is not to look but pay high commissions.



Obofunds has not appealing truth page but the interesting thing is that pays 4% diary of what you invest , that at least , if you enter more, we will raise this percentage, we begin with a dollar and the basic plan 1 is one day. That is, every day can divest and gains or reinvest what you want , after a couple of weeks we have removed the dollar and 60 cents and $ 5 more have entered to continue rising. In 25 days you recover investment and you can still make money with the investment. If you reinvest it takes less to recover cattle.